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Chris Jennings has just launched his official link website where you can check out all about his latest music projects and release. His new link websites connects to all the Chris Jennings social media portals including: facebook page, twitter, soundcloud, mixcloud, vmmdj and his official newsletter so make sure you send all your friends to sign up for the Chris Jennings Newsletter.  Link to website: http://www.chrisjenningsmusic.com
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Keep Your Memory - Exalted Tunes

Jennings & Holliday Feat. Lisa Marie

Signed to Exalted Tunes a collaboration track with the UK DJ Producer Matt Holliday


The Lamb - Transmission

Hemstock & Jennings Original mix

Signed to Transmission is a striking new Hemstock & Jennings track

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The Dagger - Zimmer Records

Hemstock & Jennings Remix

Nicky Zimmer Records NZR023 Hemstock + Jennings - The Dagger Remix is a result of the collaboration with Hollywood film composer Daniel Alcheh.

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Santiago - Zimmer Records

Hemstock & Jennings

A SUMMER TINGED TRANCE ANTHEM WITH MIXES FOR EVERY BIG ROOM DANCE FLOOR. Prolific dance music producers Hemstock and Jennings are back again with awesome remixes of their club classic 'Santiago'. First up, the dynamic duo mix a cool summer edit fresh for 2012, then a dirty electro mix to shake up those discerning dance floors, finally a fantastic chilled out version for those lazy hazy summer days by the beach. Then Austrian-Hungarian producer Richard Sander mixes a banging four to the floor version with super synths and driving beats pushing the vocals through the roof, Richard also supplies a dub version for those 'instrumental' dance floors. Polish producer Maciej Panczyk remixes the full vocal in his inimitable style of electronica and trance. Mino Safy is next up with his take on a things being of a more progressive nature, a cool feel with dubby elements keeping those cooler floors busy. Last but definitely not least, the incredibly talented Ric Scott remixes a full vocal mix that simply raises 'Santiago' to the heights of any big room sound and gives the song anthem status as never before with driving percussion and synth's to die for!

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ZiRENZ Timeless The Remixes Offshore Music

Chris Jennings Remix

This very different pioneering tranceplextro new experimental sound from Chris Jennings which is something a little new from his Hemstock & Jennings well known sound and makes an amazing explosion and fits perfectly with the massive remix team on the ZiRENZ release.

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VMM Studio Sessions Journalist Chris Jennings was invited by Bex Hazard the CEO & Editor of VMM e-magazine to join the VMM editorial team. ?I wanted to bring Chris Jennings to the VMM readers as he has a wealth of experience in producing some of the world?s best EDM music and I knew that he would bring some quality content to the VMM Studio Sessions feature so we are very proud to have Chris Jennings on the VMM Team?. To check out the first two feature articles please click the links Bex Hazard VMM CEO & Editor.

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